Lost Elysium is Ashley Elle (vox/synth), Ricky Stage (drums) and Zach Case (guitar). We make music to bring hope to those captured in darkness and to pull the broken back from the edge.

Buffalo based hard rock band Lost Elysium sets the world ablaze, exploding with whole-hearted lyrics, lush vocals, bright guitar, piano riffs and driving, dark rhythms. Ashley Elle (lead vocals, keys) infuses the group with a vivid range of melodic colors and emotion while Ricky Stage (drums) and Zach Case (guitar) tip its massive sound over a razor-sharp edge. The band’s live shows are a raw and intimate thrill-ride, inviting audiences to seek solace in each other as they share time along life’s challenging journey. Intricate recordings with layers of hard-hitting rock instrumentation plus pop and blues accents offer a soul-baring glimpse into both the elegant and the ferocious emotion conveyed by Elle’s acrobatic voice, which soars easily between the earth’s depths and its stratosphere. Her prowess as a songwriter shines through firey lyrics about death, heartache, loss, pain and ultimate survival that give Lost Elysium its wings. Currently in the studio, standing behind songs that are even more steeped in Elle’s unabashed honesty than ever before the new music goes to dark, deep and mysterious places and further illustrates the band’s very personal message. The group’s latest single, “Think Like the Enemy” mixes the kinetic energy of a rock anthem with elements of industrial and melodic pop. The gravity of Lost Elysium has made it an in-demand band for rock clubs all across the U.S. sharing stages with like-minded artists such as Lacuna Coil, John 5 (Rob Zombie), Theory of a Deadman and Skillet. Justin Tyme of WKSE/KISS 98.5 praised, “Lost Elysium has such incredible stage presence. Their passion is incomparable. Their sound unforgettable, and their talent is superior.” Aberrate the bands second Ep is set for release in the Summer of 2018.

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